Tasmania Real Estate

Tasmania Real Estate is a fantastic option for anyone wanting to escape the intensity of a big city lifestyle. Tasmania is a beautiful state with some of the best landscape scenary in the world. Tasmania is also reknowned for the having cleanest air in the world, which is bound to have it’s own health benefits. It’s no surprise that Tasmania is a popular destination among tourists from all over the world. With our laid back nature and everything you need within a short drive, living in Tasmania is simply EASY

For anyone looking to invest or even buy a house  Tasmania Real Estate currently stands with the best median house prices in Australia. Most of Tasmania Real Estate located in it’s popular suburbs are on the market for below $400,000. Making Tasmania Real Estate the most affordable market for investors in Australia. Which is hard to believe with the price increases Tasmania Real Estate has seen in the past decade. Luckily enough for prospective buyers the price trends continue to rise at a steady rate. Below you will find some extensive articles focused on Tasmania Real Estate and what each city has to offer.

Hobart Real Estate

Tasmania Real EstateBeing the capital city of Tasmania, Hobart is a much sought after location for perspective buyers. With the lowest average house prices of any state in Australia and Hobart having the largest population. Why wouldn’t Hobart real estate be a popular place among investors and anyone searching for an affordable home. Read more



Launceston Real Estate

Tasmania Real EstateOver the past decade Launceston’s Real Estate has totally exploded, This may be due to it’s beautiful backdrop making it a wonderful place to live and with a population of around 75,000 Launceston city isn’t too over crowded but allows for a laid back life style that can be enjoyed not only in the outter suburbs but inner city as well. Read more



Devonport Real Estate

While Devonportasmania real estatet is a small city it is at the top of the state and has easy access to transport across bass straight to the main land of Australia.  Despite Devonport only having a small population of approx 25,000 people it still has the same access to services of most major cities. Additionally the smaller population means less competition when exploring Devoport’s real estate options.
Read more.