Hobart Real Estate

Hobart real estate options are large and you will soon discover a lot of different  homes in Hobarts inner suburbs that are both unique and stylish. Especially the cute town houses and converted weatherboard cottages in Salamanca or the grand old homes in Battery Point. While Glebe’s older homes are perfect for the renovator with a keen eye.  North Hobart has a mixture of all of the above and is set to meet anyone’s requirements and expectations when searching for real estate in Hobart.

It doesn’t matter if your looking for a small managable home with a small garden or a large home with water views, Hobart will suite your needs. Best of all, they are all within a short walking distance to the city centre.

Hobart real estate


Hobart Living

Hobart is a relatively small city with a population of approximately 225,000. Hobart Real Estate offers a city life-style with a country feel. It  is no wonder that the Hobart real estate market is popular among mainlanders and foreign investors. 

The residents in Hobart are mostly employed in administration and office environments. However there is also a growing number of artists, sculpters, painters and writers along with numerous tourism operators.

Festivals are very popular with locals and tourists and are held throughtout the year, the two most significant fetivals are Dark Mofo and the Taste of Tasmania which is a world renowned wine tasting event.

Beautiful Hobart has several museums, a casino, live theatre and art and culture communities. Mean while Hobart’s wine and dining scene is as popular and alive as it has ever been and you will never have a short list of options when choosing a location to eat out.

Hobart real estate


 Hobart’s Population

Hobart was formly known as a retirement village but in the last decade has seen a lot of the younger generation reach it’s shore’s. In contrast most new citizens arrive from the main land of Australia but a large number also arrive here from abroad. Hobart has a large choice of private and public schools for children to attend and is a family friendly city, with numerous events throughout the year designed just for families.

Hobart was founded as a penal colony in 1804 and is Australia’s second oldest capital city in Australia after Sydney. Most noteworthy for keen buyers and investors waterfront real estate is more affordable in Hobart than interstate.

Hobart’s Climate

Hobart has a mild temperate oceanic climate, In winter snow can often be seen on top  of Mount Wellington. Mount Wellington  overlooks the city and offers bush walks and mountain bike riding as lesiure activities and offers 360 degree views of Hobart. Fortunately during the summer Hobart often reaches the mid 30’s with most days reaching 20-25 degrees.


Hobart Real estate